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“Every patient wants to feel "special" and you have treated me that way with what I know to be knowledgeable and exceptional care. You are indeed one of a very, and all too rare, few talented perfectionist and dedicated doctors, with an oceanic depth of concern for each and every patient.” - Ann

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Should I go to a General Dentist or an Orthodontist for my Invisalign Orthodontic treatment?

ANSWER: If you really look at what you want as a final result then I believe that by far the best Invisalign Orthodontic treatment is being provided by General Dentists who have a combination of training and experience in Cosmetic Dentistry, Occlusion, Periodontics, and Invisalign Orthodontics. I have been an Invisalign provider for 13 years […]

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Dr. Vandiveer Strait of Bethel Dental Associates in Connecticut is a general, cosmetic, restorative, and neuromuscular dentist with over thirty years experience, providing full-service, comprehensive dental care for patients of all ages. You may never need to be referred to a different office for dental care again!

Bethel Dental Associates is dedicated to each individual patient, using today’s state-of-the-art technology and comfort systems. You are assured of a pleasant, comfortable visit and superior dental care for a lifetime.

One Stop Shopping

We take pride in offering total dental care under one roof, including highly effective periodontal care (surgical and non-surgical), anti-bacterial periodontal therapy, and regenerative periodontal therapy, which grows back missing bone and tissue. Read more about our services…

State-of-the-Art Facility

Our completely modern facility was designed to offer services that are not readily offered elsewhere. Some of the equipment and technology with advanced diagnostic and treatment capabilities are: panographic x-ray, surgical telescopes in several power levels, microscopic culturing equipment, color-matching lights, fiber-optics, and the most advanced oral cancer screening technology.

Our Guarantee

After practicing dentistry for 30 years and observing the results of quality dental care coupled with effective prevention I believe restorative, cosmetic, and general dental care can last indefinitely.  I am so certain of this that I have decided to put in writing as a GUARANTEE.  You can read it in full here Dental guarantee

Comfort Systems

To make sure each dental visit is relaxed and comfortable, Bethel Dental Associates provides injections without needles and nitrous oxide (happy gas). Flat panel televisions are provided, both for personalized entertainment and to provide a welcome distraction for high-fear patients.

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Smile Evaluation

Bethel Dental Smile Evaluation

Is your smile everything you want it to be?

Take a few moments to fill in this short evaluation to discover if there are any areas where you would like to see aesthetic improvements.

We will get back to you with an evaluation on what we can do to help you improve your smile.







Do you dislike the color of your teeth?
 yes no

Do you have spaces between your teeth that bother you?
 yes no

Do you have chips or uneven edges on your teeth?
 yes no

Do you feel that your teeth are too long or too short?
 yes no

Do you have dark fillings that show when you smile?
 yes no

Do your gums show too much when you smile?
 yes no

Are your teeth crowded or crooked?
 yes no

Do you have existing crowns or dental work that you consider ugly?
 yes no

Are you self-conscious of your teeth or your smile?
 yes no

Has anyone (family member, friend, etc.) ever suggested that you should have something done with your teeth or smile?
 yes no

Do you avoid smiling when you have your picture taken?
 yes no

Would you like to improve your existing smile?
 yes no

Do you wish you had a new smile?
 yes no

What concerns do you have regarding dental treatment to improve your smile?
 Fear of treatment Time of treatment concerns Not understanding treatment Embarrassment

Please leave this field empty.

Feel free to call our office at any time to set up a complimentary consultation or arrange for a second opinion. Otherwise, we will be in contact with you shortly to review your evaluation.

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Cosmetic Dentistry

Bethel Dental Cosmetic DentistryCosmetic dentistry is the branch of dentistry that is growing the most rapidly today, due to new techniques and materials that make it easier and more affordable for people to improve their smiles. Whether you need only a small repair of a chipped tooth or full mouth reconstruction, Dr. Strait can help you, with his more than thirty years of experience in the dental field.

If you are not sure what can be done to improve the appearance of your smile, come in for a free consultation! To prepare, fill out our Smile Evaluation Form online.

Cosmetic Dentistry Services Provided:

Dr. Van Strait of Bethel Dental Associates is your CT provider for quality dental care. Call 203-730-9011 to find out more.

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Smile Design

Bethel Dental Smile DesignModern dentistry has a lot more to offer than just fillings and exams. It is now possible to completely reconstruct your smile.

Whether for cosmetic or restorative reasons, there are a variety of procedures that can transform how your mouth looks and feels.

Smile Design

If you’ve ever wished you could smile as confidently as the models you see in magazines, then smile design may be just the thing for you. Smile design is the process of identifying the perfect smile for you and working with your dentist to achieve it. This process will result in a plan to remedy issues such as:

  • Undesirable or inconsistent tooth color
  • Missing, cracked, chipped, or broken teeth
  • Alignment and spacing issues
  • Uneven or crooked teeth
  • Unshapely or aging lips and cheeks

All of these imperfections, and more,  will be analyzed by your dentist, who will then work with you to identify the correct procedures and timeline to achieve your goal. Some of the restorative and cosmetic procedures you may need include teeth whitening, dental bonding, orthodontics, crowns, veneers, and gum contouring. In the end, it is possible to have the gorgeous smile you’ve always dreamed of.

Full-Mouth Reconstruction

Sometimes a smile makeover is more than just a cosmetic procedure. Full-mouth reconstruction is called for when a patient’s teeth or bite has been compromised by injury, disease, excessive decay, or a grinding condition such as TMJ-TMD. This process will restore and repair all of the teeth in both the upper and lower jaws as well as your proper bite.

After a thorough examination of teeth, gums, and jaws, using x-rays and surgical microscopes, your dentist will prepare a comprehensive treatment plan just for you. Some of the treatments that may be necessary for a full-mouth reconstruction include:

  • Fillings, inlays, and onlays
  • Bonding and re-contouring
  • Endodontic surgery (root canal)
  • Crowns, bridges, or veneers
  • Gum contouring or grafting
  • Orthodontics
  • Orthognathic surgery for jaw repositioning
  • Implant placement

Although this treatment process may seem daunting, a full-mouth reconstruction can offer a lifetime of improved dental health as well as a more beautiful smile.

Gum Contouring

One very effective method of improving your smile is gum contouring. This simple procedure is fast, but the results are striking. An unattractive gumline can severely affect the appearance of a smile. Often, having a gummy smile, or too much gums, makes teeth look smaller and shorter. Uneven and unusually shaped gums can also be unsightly. Gum contouring can solve all of these issues.

Often completed in a single visit, this procedure will only require the application of a topical anesthetic. Then, a soft-tissue laser will be used to trim, shape, and seal the gums in a more desirable shape. Once completed, your teeth will appear more natural and healthy in size and form.

To get started, fill out our online Smile Evaluation form.

Dr. Van Strait of Bethel Dental Associates is your CT provider for quality dental care. Call 203-730-9011 to find out more.

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Invisalign® Orthodontics

Bethel Dental InvisalignA few years ago, most people who wanted to dramatically straighten their teeth were forced to wear uncomfortable, unattractive metal braces for years at a time.

Metal braces were adhered directly to the teeth and could cause a lot of pain to the wearer, not to mention the fact that the braces could not be removed until the entire straightening process was complete… but, no more! Invisalign® is a comfortable and less conspicuous method of straightening teeth.

How Invisalign® Works

The Invisalign® system implements a clear, removable plastic cover that slowly moves teeth into their desired positions without any metal parts or semi-permanent fixtures. The appliance, called an aligner, is created using a mold taken from your own mouth, so it slips easily over your teeth. Every two weeks, a new aligner is sent to you in the mail, so that your teeth will slowly be shifted into position without the need for frequent office appointments. The Invisalign® process usually takes around a year to complete.

What Makes Invisalign® Unique?

Patients love Invisalign® for its aesthetic value and convenience. This orthodontic appliance is virtually invisible, so you can smile with confidence while wearing it. Even better, it’s removable! Unlike traditional braces, the Invisalign® aligners can be removed while eating, brushing, or flossing, and occasionally even for a special event. No other straightening solution offers the same level of convenience, comfort, and cosmetic appeal.

Dr. Van Strait of Bethel Dental Associates is your CT provider for quality dental care. Call 203-730-9011 to find out more.

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Veneers and Bonding

Bethel Dental VeneersDo you find yourself hesitating to smile for photos because of some glaring imperfection in your teeth?

So many of our patients don’t realize the multitude of options available to restore damaged or flawed teeth.

Here at Bethel Dental Associates, we take great pride in restoring smiles and confidence. Bonding, re-contouring, and veneers are a few of the cosmetic dentistry procedures that can completely transform your smile.

Bonding and Re-contouring

Many minor flaws can be repaired painlessly with dental bonding and contouring techniques. Bonding refers to the process of using resin composites to fill and reshape teeth, while contouring is a method of sculpting teeth by smoothing out uneven surfaces. Some of the issues that can be remedied by these methods include:

  • Chipped or cracked teeth
  • Worn teeth
  • Broken teeth
  • Uneven surfaces
  • Sharp edges
  • Teeth that stick out more than their neighbors
  • Slight crookedness
  • Gaps or uneven spacing

Dental bonding can often be completed in a single office visit. First, your dentist will choose a resin composite that very closely matches your own tooth color. Once the affected tooth has been properly prepared, the resin will be bonded and sculpted into place. After the bond has set, your tooth will appear as good as new.

Sometimes performed in conjunction with bonding, the re-contouring procedure can also be completed in one visit. The hard enamel of the tooth is sculpted into the desired shape in small, precise increments. This sculpting is very smooth and subtle, but the smallest changes can have breathtaking results.


For tooth imperfections that cannot be remedied by simple bonding or whitening, porcelain veneers can be used to restore your smile to its original brilliance. Some of the flaws that may call for veneer placement include:

  • Severe stains or discoloration
  • Worn-down or uneven teeth
  • Wide gaps between teeth
  • Size or shape inconsistencies
  • Crookedness

Porcelain veneers are strong, thin shells that are adhered to the fronts of teeth to achieve a more perfect and symmetrical look. Your veneers will be fabricated using an exact mold taken from your own mouth, so there will be no issues with fit or placement. Once the veneers have been created, your own teeth will be prepared with a gentle reduction process to ensure a natural fit. Your dentist will then place and bond the veneers to your teeth for a permanently restored smile that is natural in both appearance and function.

Dr. Van Strait of Bethel Dental Associates is your CT provider for quality dental care. Call 203-730-9011 to find out more.

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Teeth Whitening

Bethel Dental Teeth WhiteningWith so many staining substances in the common household diet, it is no surprise that teeth whitening is one of our most popular cosmetic services. We offer an effective, yet quick, whitening treatment that will leave you with a striking smile for years to come.


How do Teeth Become Stained?

Coffee, wine, and berries are all examples of products that can leave teeth with unsightly stains. Many of our patients have tried over-the-counter treatments and whitening toothpastes only to come away with unsatisfactory results or weakened enamel. They come to us for a professional, safe, and long-lasting whitening treatment.

Professional Whitening

Our process involves a special light used in conjunction with a patented whitening formula that is proven to deliver powerful results with less sensitivity. This cutting-edge method does not employ any lasers or abrasive materials; that’s what makes it so safe and comfortable for our patients. In fact, we’ve been performing safe cosmetic whitening procedures for over 30 years without problems with swallowing, tissue contact, or harmful substances. The best part is that the entire process only takes one hour!

Tooth whitening and other dentistry services are not recommended in the absence of proper diagnosis and consultation. During your next visit, please ask about the best options for you. Then look forward to flashing those pearly whites with confidence once again.

Dr. Van Strait of Bethel Dental Associates is your CT provider for quality dental care. Call 203-730-9011 to find out more.

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