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Root Canal Therapy

Bethel Dental Root Canal TherapyYour teeth are not just made up of the shiny white exterior that you see when you smile. Teeth are actually composed of many parts and layers, each with its own purpose.

Our job, at Bethel Dental Associates, is to keep each component of your teeth healthy, inside and out.

When the inner-most part of your tooth is compromised, we treat it using endodontics, or root canal therapy.


The Endodontic Process

The center of each tooth is filled with a pulp made of nerves and blood vessels. This pulp extends down into the very root of the tooth through tiny passageways called root canals. When a tooth is badly fractured or decayed, bacteria can find their way into these root canals. A root canal infection can be extremely painful and damaging to the tooth. That’s where root canal therapy comes in.

Once the pulp itself is infected, the tooth is in great danger of being lost. During root canal therapy, the pulp must be removed and the root canals throughly cleaned. Afterward, they will be sealed off to prevent further infection. The last step is to place a crown over the affected tooth, so it will retain the same appearance and strength as its neighbors.

Tools for Root Canal

We use Dentsply Tulsa Digital Computerized Endodontic Protaper and GT systems, for a technique sometimes referred to a rotary endodontics, utilizing an engine to rotate the rotary endodontic files. This speeds up the process considerably, to the advantage of the patient.

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