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Mouth Guards

Bethel Dental Mouth GuardMouth Guards are an innovative way to prevent damage to the teeth and mouth from sports activities or nighttime grinding.

Our team at Bethel Dental Associates will create a custom mouth guard just for you.

Types of Mouth Guards

An athletic mouth guard is recommended for any sport or extreme physical activity. This custom-fitted appliance provides a barrier between the teeth, gums, and soft tissues of the mouth, to prevent chipped or broken teeth, wounds to the gums and cheeks, and occasionally more serious injuries such as bone or jaw fractures.

For those patients who clench and grind their teeth while sleeping, night guards are a necessary measure to prevent serious long-term tooth damage. Subconscious grinding can’t be helped, but has been known to crack or even break teeth. A night guard can save the teeth from further damage, as well as reducing grinding by holding the jaw in a more comfortable position.

How a Mouth Guard Works

In order to fabricate your custom mouth guard, your dentist will need to use a special casting material to take an impression of your teeth. This will be used as a mold by a laboratory technician to fabricate the appliance out of a type of strong, supple plastic material. Once the mouth guard has been tested to ensure a comfortable and precise fit, it will be ready for daily use. You will be able to use this appliance for years, potentially saving you a great deal of pain and expense later on.

The enhanced fit made possible by a custom mouth guard will provide greater protection, as compared to the protection available from the generic variety of mouth guard found in drug stores.

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