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I am thinking of dentures instead of a bridge. The cost will be around $6000.00. Opinions?

I am 84 and in great health. No meds. One of my very front teeth is moving down. I was told the other day it is bone loss. 75% The one next to it has 50 loss. Money is an issue.

It sounds like you are going to lose the front tooth you are referring to, but most importantly I would make every effort to save the remainder of your teeth.  In our office we have a system which totally stops bone loss by eliminating the pathogenic bacteria that cause bone loss and periodontal disease.  Try to get some 2nd opinions on how you can save your remaining teeth and options for replacing the front tooth that is moving down.  Dentures are not a good solution as they are a poor substitute for your own teeth and if you lose a lot of the bone that supports your teeth you may have no ridges to retain a denture.  Remember as you get older the ability to chew your food well becomes more and more important.

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