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Critical to both dental and total health, a healthful well balanced diet is a good place to start, but unfortunately not enough.  If you consider the increase in the modification, processing, genetic alteration, forced ripening, storage, foreign supply, and general manipulation of our food supply, it has become extremely difficult if not impossible to get all the nutrition you need for optimum health from the food you eat.  BECAUSE OF THIS WE BELIEVE EVERYONE NEEDS SOME SUPPLEMENTATION.

If you would like to feel better, lose weight or have more energy, there is a nutritional supplement program that could possibly work for you.  I can strongly recommend the supplement program my family and I have taken for the past 30 + years.

There is a lot of “junk science” on TV and advertisements and in newspapers. And, unfortunately, some of our patients have tried those hyped-up products and think that vitamins just don’t help. And it’s confusing to walk into a health food store and see myriad of choices. Well, the fact is that all vitamins are not made the same. In my opinion, the synthetic vitamins that you see heavily advertised, don’t work like a real food sourced supplements — like the ones marketed by the Shaklee Corporation, the company whose founder, Dr. Forest C. Shaklee, created the first multi-vitamin in 1915!

As some of you know, I have taken courses on subject of nutrition and preventive healthcare at the University of Connecticut, Temple University, Indiana University, New York University, and the University of Pennsylvania as well as numerous courses at national scientific meetings of the American Dental Association. And it is my conclusion that the Shaklee Corporation produces by far the best, purist nutritional vitamin supplements available anywhere in the world.

If you are interested in more information or would like to try some of the basic nutritional products that support general and oral health, please let us know by calling our office. As you know, health is your most important asset. And keeping you in good health is our professional motivation

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